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New Carthage community center is completed by job trainee

With the work and dedication of job trainees, a new community center is created for area residents.

“I took it as an opportunity, you know, like to get all of these certifications and not only that, but to learn more than what I already know and use it as a future experience,” says Dony Hernandez.

Apprentices like Dony Hernandez received training from Crowder College and other local businesses to learn new skills that could help them further their technical skills.

“Everything with like practically the walls, frames, electrical,” says Hernandez.

“They sanded the floors, they did all the drywall. They got a ton of real world skills and sector specific skills that a lot of construction employers told us they were looking for,” says Frank Neely.

“We were glad to be able to participate, provide some construction training, supervision, case management for some of the participants so they could help them overcome some barriers to employment in this area,” says Scott Decker, SWMO Catholic Charities Construction Director.

The project in total cost about $20 thousand dollars, but most of the materials were donated by local businesses.

“Thankfully we reached out to the community and was able to receive a lot of those through donations,” says Sherri Rhuems, WIB Executive Director.

“To all the people that they think there’s not an opportunity in our area like they’re just waiting for the opportunity to come. You gotta actually look for the opportunity instead of having to wait. You gotta seek further than what you are already seeking for,” says Dony Hernandez.


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