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Ways to Donate

Tax Credits & Stock Gifts

General Information About Tax Credits

What is a Tax Credit?

A tax credit is different from a deduction—a credit has the same value as cash. A tax credit is deducted, dollar for dollar, from what you owe in income taxes to the State of Missouri during a taxable year. This amount is in addition to the regular state and federal deductions you are eligible to take for charitable donations.

What programs does my Tax Credit Gift support?

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri has various tax credits available at different times.

How do I make a Tax Credit Gift?

To make a tax credit gift, please contact our Development Team at 417.720.4213, or email to find out what tax credits Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri currently has available. From there your gift can be made in a variety of including cash, credit card or stock transfer.

General Information About Stock Gifts

Why should I make a Stock Gift?

Donating stock is easy to do, and giving stock held more than 12 months offers a two-fold tax savings. First, you avoid paying capital-gains tax on the increase in value of your stock. In addition, you receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift.  

How do I make a Stock Gift?

To make a stock gift, please contact our Development Team at 417.720.4213, or by email at

We do not encourage you to sell stock and then make the gift of the proceeds via check as you will lose the tax advantages of donating the stock. Stock shares can instead be transferred directly to Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri. Stocks can also be given via Electronic Transfer or Certificate Transfer.  Our Advancement Team can provide you transfer instructions.