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Programs & Services

Home Repair Programs

CCSOMO helps rebuild homes and lives


CCSOMO's construction team and Purpose Home Repair built this energy-efficient unit to add to one city's inventory of affordable housing. PHOTO: John Farmer de la Torre/CCSOMO


Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri (CCSOMO) provides a variety of home repair services to individuals and families in need.

CCSOMO offers the following home repair programs:

  • Home Repair Program for Low-income Families, Seniors, and the Developmentally Disabled
  • Cape Senior Build Program
  • Cape Girardeau Developmentally Disabled Home Repair Program

CCSOMO has an outstanding record of success with home repairs.

  • In the last nine years, CCSOMO has completed over 500 home repairs in southern Missouri.
  • CCSOMO routinely collaborates with community partners, including local businesses, and utilizes thousands of volunteers to assist as many families as possible.
  • Over the past four years, CCSOMO has expanded its construction operation throughout southern Missouri. This operation is currently able to respond to needs for disaster repairs and rebuilding, and low-income homeowners from Joplin to Cape Girardeau.

CCSOMO home repair programs, along with Purpose Home Repair, have earned local and national media attention and awards. PHOTO: John Farmer de la Torre/CCSOMO

Home Repair Program

Home Repairs for low-income families, seniors, the developmentally disabled, and survivors of natural disaster

One of the organization's core programs is its low-income home repair program, which provides essential home repair services to families who are struggling to maintain their homes due to financial constraints. Using CCSOMO's construction social enterprise, Purpose Home Repair, CCSOMO can provide home repairs to low-income families, seniors, and the developmentally disabled.

CCSOMO also rebuilds homes damaged or destroyed by natural disasters.

Overall, CCSOMO's low-income home repair program is a vital resource for families in need, offering practical support to improve the safety and comfort of their homes.


Eligibility for the program is determined based on a family's income, and the extent of their repair needs. Once eligible, families are paired with staff at Purpose Home Repair who will assess their repair needs and work with them to develop a customized plan of action.

  • Must be a homeowner living in one of CCSOMO's service area counties
  • Must have yearly household income at or below Area Median Income for the geographic area, adjusted for family size (will vary dependent on county of residence and grant)

Eligible Repairs

  •  Weatherization
  •  Repair/Replacement of Major Systems
  •  Environmental
  •  Accessibility
  •  Code Violations
  •  Emergency Repairs

For more information about CCSOMO home repair grants, or to apply, please call 417.624.3790.

Cape Senior Build Program

Home Repairs for Seniors Living in Cape Girardeau County

The goal of the program is to assist low to moderate-income seniors in Cape Girardeau County obtain needed repairs to their homes.


  • Must be a homeowner living in Cape Girardeau County
  • Must be 60 years of age or older
  • Must have a yearly household income that is 80 percent or less of the Average Median Income for Cape Girardeau County

Eligible Repairs

  • Weatherization
  • Repair / Replacement of major systems
  • Environmental
  • Accessibility
  • Code violations
  • Emergency repairs
  • Tree surgery or removal (if the integrity of the structure of the home is threatened)

Costs for any one project are limited to $2,000. This program utilizes volunteers in addition to professional labor to keep costs down and enable more services to be offered.

For more information, or to apply, please call 573.335.0905.

This program is partially funded through Senior Citizens Services Fund.

Cape Girardeau Developmentally Disabled Home Repair Program

This program povides the following services for eligible consumers in Cape Girardeau County:

  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptions (EAA) for consumers who are not Medicaid waiver-eligible for home modifications
  • Deferred maintenance repairs for families with an individual with a developmental disability who owns their home
  • Supplemental cost of waiver-funded EAA projects that exceed the $10,000 community support waiver


  • A disability that is attributable to an intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, head injury, autism, or learning disability related to brain dysfunction, or any other mental or physical impairment
  • Occurs prior to the age of 22
  • The disabling condition is likely to continue indefinitely
  • Results in Substantial Functional Limitations in two of the six areas listed below
  1. Self-care
  2. Receptive / Expressive Language
  3. Learning
  4. Mobility
  5. Self-direction
  6. Capacity for independent living / economic self-sufficiency
  • Requires some level of habilitative training. Habilitative means skills development that assists the individual in learning to become more independent.

For more information, or to apply, please call 573.335.0905.

This program is partially funded through the Cape Girardeau SB40 Board.