Construction Services

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri’s Construction Services provide essential home repair services to individuals and families struggling to maintain their homes due to financial constraints. 

A man on a ladder working on the gutter of a house.

Repairing Homes. Rebuilding Lives.

Program Description

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri (CCSOMO) provides a variety of home repair services to individuals and families in need through its Construction Services and Purpose Home Repair social enterprise. CCSOMO also rebuilds homes damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. The home repair program is a vital resource for families in need, offering practical support to improve the safety and comfort of their homes. 

CCSOMO’s Construction Services and Purpose Home Repair offer the following home repair programs and services: 

  • Home Repair Programs for Low-Income Families and Seniors
  • Department of Mental Health Developmentally Disabled Home Modification
  • Cape Girardeau Senior Build Program
  • Cape Girardeau Developmentally Disabled Home Repair Program
  • Purpose Home Repair General Contracting Services
Construction Services and Purpose Home Repair have an outstanding record of success. 
  • In the last 10 years, CCSOMO has completed over 550 home repairs in southern Missouri
  • CCSOMO routinely collaborates with community partners, including local businesses, and utilizes thousands of volunteers to assist as many families as possible. 
  • CCSOMO has expanded construction operations across the southernmost 39 counties in Missouri, reaching low-income homeowners from Joplin to Cape Girardeau.


Once eligibility is determined, families are paired with Construction Services and Purpose Home Repair staff who assess repair needs and work to develop a customized plan of action. To determine if you are eligible, please call Construction Services at 417-624-3790 (Springfield) or 573-335-0905 (Cape Girardeau) or Purpose Home Repair at 417-425-9515.

Eligible Repairs

  • Weatherization
  • Repair/replacement of major systems
  • Environmental
  • Accessibility and home modifications
  • Code violations
  • Emergency repairs