Developmental Disability Services

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri provides guidance and access to resources that meet the distinct needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Developmental Disability Services

We help individuals with developmental disabilities succeed.

Program Description

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri provides support coordination for individuals who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability and have been determined eligible for services by the state of Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities. 

CCSOMO Support Coordinators assist families in finding supports to meet unmet needs regarding resources, access to state-funded supports, and relevant information. Our goal is to empower each individual to live independently, work, and be valued members of the community. 

Eligibility & Intake

Currently, the Developmental Disability Services program serves residents of Cape Girardeau County, Mississippi County, and Scott County. 

Individuals must have a diagnosis of a developmental disability prior to the age of 22. Eligibility for services is determined by the Regional Office of the Missouri Department of Mental Health (MDMH). To determine your eligibility, please contact the MDMH Sikeston Regional Office at 573-472-5300. Learn more about this process by visiting MO MHDDS online here. (

Once a referral is made by the MDMH Regional Office in Sikeston, a Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri Service Coordinator meets with the individual and their family to form a relationship and gather information in order to develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP). Service Coordinators continue to work with the individual and their support team (family, friends, school staff and service providers) to locate resources, make referrals, monitor services that are being provided, and help assure that the Individual Service Plan is being followed. 


For residents of Cape Girardeau, Mississippi, and Scott counties, please call your local CCSOMO office to learn how we can help. 


Call 573-335-0905
Serving Cape Girardeau County.


Call 573-481-0659
Serving Mississippi and Scott counties.