10 Years of LifeHouse in Springfield


LifeHouse was established by a woman who experienced multiple miscarriages as a result of a previous abortion. She answered a call from God to help women who were pregnant with nowhere to turn. 

After she founded LifeHouse, she was invited to a meeting with Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri. Walking the grounds at St. Anne’s Monastery, she was overcome with a sense of peace. Upon learning that the nuns who occupied the Monastery dedicated their lives to praying for mothers and children, the decision was easy: the two ministries would merge with St. Anne’s housing LifeHouse. 

LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home first opened its doors on December 27, 2013. Since then, 135 healthy babies have been born and 216 women have called this special place home, many of whom continue to stay in touch with their care managers and other staff. With registered nurses, a mental health counselor, classes ranging from budgeting to parenting to nutrition, and the love of staff and volunteers alike, LifeHouse gives women a second chance at life with their child. 

A resident recently expressed her gratitude for LifeHouse, emphasizing how dramatically her life has changed in less than a year. She went from living in the woods and wondering where her next meal was coming from to living in a warm home surrounded by people who care for her and encourage her to reach her goals. She recently enrolled in auto technology classes at OTC and dreams of opening a “girl garage” and auto body shop. 

The generous support of countless donors, volunteers, and community partners enables LifeHouse to change lives every single day. As we celebrate 10 years of success in Springfield, we look forward to the opening of LifeHouse in Cape Girardeau in Spring 2024. 


On December 27, 2013, LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home first opened its doors inside the former Carmel of St. Anne Monastery. The Monastery opened in 1965 and was home to the Discalced Carmelite Sisters, who dedicated their lives to praying for women and children in Southwest Missouri. They were cloistered in the Monastery until only three sisters remained. They relocated to the Carmel of St. Joseph in St. Louis, MO and gifted the building to the Diocese. Catholic Charities moved into the building in 2013. 

St. Anne, the Monastery’s namesake, is the patron saint of mothers and women in labor. She is regularly depicted with her daughter, Mary, the mother of Jesus. She is a testament to the unique role that women play as mothers. 

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of LifeHouse in Springfield, a statue of St. Anne will be blessed by Bishop Rice and placed on the grounds of St. Anne’s campus for all to enjoy.